Friday, November 9, 2007

It's been a while, and so much has happened

Well, I have been neglecting my blog, MY BAD! Since I last blogged, we went to California for Chris's brother Todd's wedding. I took a lot of pictures, but here is the bride and groom - don't they look great together!
And Chris and I had sooo much fun with our 2 neices, Jillian and Haley. This is my most favorite picture that I took, it is of Jillian blowing bubbles at the wedding:

Notice her bracelet? She made it herself! I was busy making jewelry for my Sisters-in-law Brenda and Casey and Jillian wanted to make one. So, she sat next to me and I helped her and within a couple minutes she informed me that she wanted to do it herself! And that she did! She did a beautiful job and even made a bracelet for my daughter. She is only in kindergarten, but this child has an eye for design and she did it all, even did the crimp with the pliers! She is too smart for her own good and Brenda will have her hands full with her (well, I think she already does!).

Our shop is coming along swimmingly! Here is the pictures since last month. We put a metal roof on it and it looks great. This Sunday, we will do the electrical and add pipes for the propane for my torch and heat. We will also put in the doors and windows.

I have 5 walls now, 4 outside and one in the middle.

This is Chris finishing up the roof beams.

And here is my pretty new green metal roof!

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