Saturday, December 19, 2009

Managing Slush

Well, last week we had -24 degree frigid weather. This week it is 55 degrees and all the snow has melted and made our driveway a slush pit. So Chris had to get out and move the slush around so that when it gets cold again we don't have an ice-skating rink for a driveway.
Being that we don't have a garage, and we converted 1/2 of the carport into a bobcat habitat, Chris had to get creative to keep the quad dry until we build a garage next year. My parents gave us a chain-link dog run they weren't using and we made it into a make-shift quad garage.
Chris put Carly's jacket on and went in the house to get his gloves and came out to find that Carly was ready to go!
Nothing like a boy and his dog :)
And speaking of bobcat... We have completely finished the habitat. The last thing we had to do was build his den, which we did and it turned out nice.

Last Monday when it was -24 silly me thought that perhaps it was too cold out there for the bobcat. So at 6:30am I was out there getting him in his travel cage and bringing him in the house to lock him in the bathroom where it was nice and toasty. Later that day, when the kids got home from school, Mikey let the dogs out to go potty and Mr. Fuzzybutt Bobcat reached his paw under the door and grabbed LiLi, our little Shih Tzu, playfully. But playing with a bobcat isn't very smart for a little dog. We thought he broke his leg and he had some nasty gashes from his claws but I managed to doctor him up and he was walking just fine in a couple days.