Saturday, August 8, 2009

I got new flooring!

Not exactly our "plan" for the weekend (especially for poor Chris). But I got a good deal on it and I was getting tired of looking at my plywood floor.
So, we had to move almost all my stuff into the backyard.
This is my ugly old floor - yuck!
This is it when it was almost done. We managed to get it done in 4 hours - not bad. Now we have to run to town tomorrow to get the molding and I can start putting everything back together. Except I'm going to stain my work-bench, I have been planning on doing it and I might as well as long as everything is all torn apart.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Stormy Weather Canoeing!

I like to take the canoe out in the early evening because all the animals seem to be out at that time and there usually isn't anyone else on the river. We've seen deer, owls, blue heron, otters, beavers, pine martens, osprey, hawks and more. Last night we took the canoe out at about 6:30 and we saw about 6 baby deer up at different places. But, about an hour into the 2 hour paddle it started to thunder and lightening. So, we paddled rather quickly and made it an hour and a half paddle!
You can see the stormy sky. By the time we got the canoe out the winds were making waves in the river and the sky was dark and it was rumbling with thunder. We got out just in time!