Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starting the new bobcat habitat, finally!

As you can see, this is fuzzy-butts current home. A 6'x6' dog kennel. Clearly not what we want for him. He needs something bigger so that he can climb and get some exercise. So he will soon have the whole side of the carport - basically the whole area you see from ground to ceiling. We're going to place logs in there that he can climb on and his current 6x6 cage will be added out the front of the enclosure so he can go out and have some sunshine.
So today we started with the side wall.
We framed the wall out in a clearing - which unfortunately has a few inches of snow. We worked until about 6:00pm and it was dark out when we were done. But Chris got the whole side wall framed and is ready to mount to the side and hang caging on it.
In the mean time, we took the big-boy out of his cage so that the power tools didn't stress him out too much. So he got to have a change of scenery for a few hours today.