Friday, August 17, 2007

Bead Cleaning

Well, this is where I clean my beads. This is my front porch and it's nice and shady in the morning to early afternoon since it gets the western sun. My cat usually sits on the chair on the right and keeps me company. Today, I cleaned about 25 beads. You can kind of see what I use to clean them... I have a Dremmel tool with a diamond bit, a pair of pliers to help me get the bead of the mandrels (soaking in the milk jar) and a bowl to put the bead in while I'm cleaning it to reduce dust. I then run the beads through a prickly pipe cleaner and then a chenille pipe cleaner.

And this is the beautiful view I get to see while I clean my beads. This is towards the back half of our property. We have .58 acres that is fully treed with several different types of pine trees and lots of Aspens.

These are some beads I finished today (and yesterday) They are from my "Elements" series. I did the "Earth" beads day before yesterday and cleaned them yesterday. And the "Air" and "Fire" beads I cleaned today. I will be torching "Water" and "Spirit" this afternoon and cleaning tomorrow.