Sunday, October 7, 2007

We Got Walls! Well, 2 of them any way!

We had a regular assembly line going today. Chris did the calculating, measuring, nailing and all the brute labor, I did all the cutting and Meghan (15 year old daughter ) did all the wood bringing to myself and Chris.

This is what it looked like after the front wall was done. We will have 2 doors and 2 windows on the front. Chris gets the left 1/2 and I get the right 1/2.

We finished the back wall and were done for the night around 7:00 pm. So this is what it looked like after we finished the back wall. The front wall is 10 feet and the back wall is 8 feet and we will have a slanted roof to the back so the snow will fall off the back and not on our heads. Next summer when we do all the finish work, we are going to add a porch to the front.

This is what it looked like from the inside. We were just lucky that it was a gorgeous day out today. It was probably about 65 degrees, which was about perfect. I wasn't hot or cold.


Michelle - Revelate said...

Weeee! Lookin' good. I love building stuff. My dad is a regular handyman. Him and I did all the vinyl siding on mine and hubby's house. :) Let me tell you, that was an experience. {read: that man knows it all and lacks patience.}
Congratulations! When I looked at the framing I saw a boldly painted door as the entrance to your side. :)

Renita said...

Hey there! I've been busy with LIFE .. ick. Baby was sick etc etc.. but I have NEW pumpkins :D come and look... I love your new studio, It's going to be fab!!!