Friday, August 31, 2007

Thunder and Lightening!

Believe it or not, this picture was taken at about 11:30pm! We had quite a lightening storm last night. I went out with my camera and just started clicking shots at the sky to try to catch the lightening and this is what I caught... It looks like daylight! As a contrast, look at yesterdays post with the picture of the blue sky and clouds which was shot earlier in the day from when I shot this. In Central Oregon, we always say "enjoy the weather now, because it can change in 5 minutes", now I photographic proof!

Here is a picture of the Goddess bead I made yesterday. She is very pretty and I am pleased with how she turned out.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is a look at the glorious sky today! Isn't it wonderful??? I could watch these clouds all day. This shot was taken about 2:00pm, it is now 5:30pm and it is raining and thundering. The thunder is just rolling and rolling, it is spectacular. We haven't had much rain this summer, so I LOVE it when we get a shower and it is even better with thunder and lightening. The only bad part is that it is 91 degrees out there, so it's very humid.
I did manage to get quite a few beads made today. I made a Sunflower Goddess bead that (if she makes it out of the kiln ok) is stunning. Making Goddess beads is difficult because I like to use Bullseye glass, which is a harder and stiffer glass. This means I have to make even more effort to keep the bead a consistant heat to make sure it doesn't crack while I'm creating it. Each Goddess takes me 30-45 minutes depending on the detail of the bead.

And, for those interested in how my studio is coming along... Here is this weekend's progress:

The only thing left now is the back half of the shed. What we figured out while dismantling it is that the original shed was added on to at a later date. The picture of my hubby on the top shows the front half, the bottom picture shows the back half after we removed the front half. My dad came and hauled away the majority of the wood for fire wood in his garage, so that was nice to not have to haul to the dump!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall is coming...

It's getting darker, faster now... I know this because we left last night to take the canoe out at the same time we always do, aroung 7:00pm and it was getting dark 1/2 way home and was totally dark by the time we rowed into the boat launch. But wow! I got some really cool pictures. We are going out again tonight, since the moon is nearly full to get some more moon shots.

The mountain is Mt. Bachelor, which is a huge tourist attraction here. In the winter time, the skier/snowboarders come and the rest of the year the biker/hikers come. Sunriver, where we live, is a resort town where the tourists come to stay and play. Great for business - but sucks when you need a quick gallon of milk!