Saturday, February 2, 2008


This is the Goliath Icicle that was hanging in front of our living room window. Tonight we noticed that it was leaking into our window so Chris went out to slay Goliath.
Here is Chris "riding" Goliath (but I think we all know he's having some wishful thinking!).This is how big around Goliath was at about the middle.And this is what happened when we put the flashlight at the top of Goliath.

More snow pictures!

Chris got home from training and he has officially taken over my duties as primary snow remover - thank goodness! Today we have gotten atleast 8 inches of snow, added to the 3 feet we already have on the ground.This is the poor Camry. It hasn't been driven since it started snowing. Hope we don't need to get into it in an emergency!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ice Curtain and Studio Pictures

We have many icicles around our house, but today this is what appeared outside our back door. The Ice has formed on our outdoor party lights (that we should have taken down before winter hit!). It looks like an Ice Curtain, pretty cool, aye?And here are some better pictures of the inside of my new studio. Chris and my mom went together for my birthday to buy me a really awesome new digital camera. My old one was really on it's last legs. So I went from 4 megapixels to 8 megapixels.
This is my work area. It's a mess right now because it's not nearly complete yet. We just got it done enough for me to start working again. I am going to add more wall cabinets and also I am going to add pegboard with special loops to hold my glass on the wall to the left of my torch area. And when Chris get's home from training he is going to move my propane outside for the torch. It's a dangerous "No No" having it inside like this, but I couldn't wait to start making beads.This is a shot of the pretty aspen scenery picture that my mom painted for me. It matches my walls beautifully. And the curtain on my window I made about 10 years ago. I just love the fabric so much that I have kept the curtain that long!
This is my propane space heater and my other window that is very dirty. I really need to put some kind of window treatment up soon because at night it gives me the creeps because it's like a giant black hole in my wall. We have the propane run outside for the heater, as we will with the torch propane. In the spring, we will have a large permanent propane tank installed. Then I won't have to lug propane cylinders to the gas station anymore - they will come and fill me up.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More friggen snow!

I am really getting tired of blogging about snow... I just wish it would go away now - it's not magical when I have to get on a quad and plow it away!! But, I took a cool picture of my house today with some awesome icicles. It kinda makes my house look like a Swiss Chalet. Keep in mind that the snow below the window is about 3 feet deep!