Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Get-away...

This past weekend, Chris and I managed to get away for a mini get-away to Washington. It was technically a business trip... I went to the Frantz Art Glass Bash and got to see some awesome demonstrations from Kimberly Affleck and Corina Tettinger. I bought some new glass tools and a really cute dragon bead from a fantastic artist. We also went to Bullseye Glass factory and bought some glass that we plan to use to make fused glass tiles for our kitchen back splash. Chris got to check out Cabela's Sporting Goods - which was enormous and we actually spent 2 1/2 hours in there! It was crazy!
I have become dependent on the camera in my phone lately because it is so handy and takes great pictures (go Droid!) but it was taking fuzzy pictures for some reason. I took this picture when we went to dinner in the Port of Olympia and I was angry at the camera, but when I downloaded this picture it really turned out pretty. It wasn't foggy at all, the sun was setting and it was kind of bright, but I love how this "mistake" turned out.