Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainy day picnic

It was rainy and gloomy today but we were determined to enjoy it anyway. We drove up to Lake Paulina, about 30 miles south-east of our house and was able to have a picnic at this gorgeous camp site. It was only sprinkling so it was really kind of nice.
The fish were biting, Chris was catching them 2 at a time! Too bad they were too small :( So they got released.
Even I managed to catch a mini-fish. This was at East Lake which is right next to Lake Paulina. So another fishy got to live another day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tonight's Michael's Night! 8th Grade Graduation 2009

Here's Mr. GQ himself. Isn't he handsome :)
Here he is on the Catwalk with his Graduation Certificate watching his feet so he doesn't trip :)
Here's the 3 Musketeers - Michael, Casey and Christian. Michael has really good friends, really great boys.
And... Heres the BIG SURPRISE! Stephanie. Our little Michael has a date for the graduation dance. Aren't they adorable???