Monday, May 23, 2011

North Twin Lake

North Twin Lake is one of many lakes that are less than 1/2 hour away from our house. This particular lake is fun for me because it has a little shop and cafe, not to mention flushing toilets, hahaha!
This is, what Eric described as, "a little nugget". Chris caught 2 little catfish and that was it.
However, this osprey was in the tree right next to us, just waiting in case Chris DID get a fish. He was poised and ready to swoop down and steal it!
There were lots of pretty birds around to take pictures of.
If you enlarge this picture, you can see this little birds white eye. Kind of creepy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A couple hours later...

All dug and ready for concrete.
Nice and level. Chris learned how to use a new tool, now he wants his own level tool thingy.
Carly says "Does this mean I CAN dig holes now, too??"
Richard from his supervisory position... His truck! He just had his second knee replacement about a month ago. He can yell at Chris just fine from here, and if needed honk the horn! Lol! He said it's good to be yelling at Chris again :) Richard taught Chris everything he knows about building right out of high school. Richard has saved our family many a time and it is so weird that we move to Oregon and found out he lives here, too. So, here he is helping us out, yet again. Richard has been a constant in our lives and is more family than friend :)

Let the Garage Building Begin!

Chris is building a garage on the back of our property. Our property is a long lot that has a road on both ends. So the garage will open to the road on the back of the property. It will be 30' x 36' and will have a room upstairs that is 12' x 36' for Chris to have a pool table and game area. Spoiled man! Today they are digging the dirt for the footers. Richard, our dear friend, will be supervising the project to make sure Chris does it right :)
A couple weeks ago Sean, the excavator (aka "Tractor Guy") cleared the trees and Chris made the area level with some kind of contraption that my dad had that drags behind the quad. The amazing thing is that it did a good job and it is really level.
Eddy is really NOT pleased with the whole tractor situation. The loud noise scares him, so he stays in his den and watches, apprehensively. Proof positive, that bobcats are more afraid of you than you are of them. Poor kitty!