Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Windows, Doors and Electricity!

Well, Sunday and Monday were very productive despite the coldness. It was a beautiful day to look at, but the temperature was about 50 degrees. But we had the fire-pit going and at least it wasn't snowing like Boris the weatherman said! So, here are some updated pictures:

We got 2 brand new windows and doors for the front. The back 2 windows we got at a salvage yard. We couldn't find any thing that matched for the front and had to spend the extra $$ for new ones. Also you can see my light switch box for my lighting, ceiling fan and outdoor light.

And!! I get my very own breaker box. I have a lot of energy eating devices, like my kiln and oxygen concentrator and ventilation fans, so I won't have to worry about blowing breakers.

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