Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wedding Pictures

They wouldn't let us bring camera's in the chapel, so I stood outside the chapel while the photographer took his, I took a few of my own! Good thing my camera's got a good zoom :)
This is the "Thousand Mile" wedding cake. It got damaged in the fridge, but they fixed it up as good as new and it was incredible. Around the base of the cake an on each tier are hand dipped chocolate strawberries - Yummm. And for dinner before the wedding, the guys made an incredible prime rib dinner that was to die for. I have never had so much delicious food - not to mention all the fresh sea food. They did a great job :)


evermoresoap said...

That cake is making me drool. I think I ruined my dinner just looking at it.

And Im loving that picture of your sister and her husband. So much happiness!

PeeGee said...

Wow, Viv! That's some cake. Not your typical one. I'll bet it was delicious.

Nice blog. I'll have to check it once in a while. I have one too. It's

Priscilla ;-)