Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chris's Man-Cave

These are the really cool cabinets he found on clearance at Lowes for $28.00 each (originally $130.00 each!).
This is the new air compressor he got for his birthday. Luckily it's a good one, I just bought it because I liked the pretty blue!
Every Man-Cave needs a stereo, flat screen and dvd player - right? At least that's what Chris told me :) You can't see by the picture, but he has a complete Nerf foam floor. Underneath is our well pump, so if he needs to get at it, his floor is foamy puzzle pieces that he can just pull apart and put back together. It's soft on his knees and a good insulator.
All he needs to do is put door trim around the door, touch up the paint and he's about done.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty nice. I give him about 5 years and it will be a total mess like ours