Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's new in Meghan's Etsy Shop...

 Meghan has started making "Mix" packages of seed beads in 6 coordinating colors.  They come in 10 ounce containers.  Above is her Fall Mix.  Click HERE to see them.
 She has over 70 different colors of seed beads for sale now.  Every month we add about 30-40 more colors.  So she has a lot to choose from.
This is her own design...  A jack-o-lantern seed bead tube.  We made it into a pendant and she has it for sale...  Click HERE to see it.

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Unknown said...


I bought some Ankh charms and isis charms from your Etsy shop a couple of months ago. But noticed your shop is no longer there. How can I go about purchasing them again? I can't find any others as good as these ones. Please get back to me at

Thanks x