Saturday, August 8, 2009

I got new flooring!

Not exactly our "plan" for the weekend (especially for poor Chris). But I got a good deal on it and I was getting tired of looking at my plywood floor.
So, we had to move almost all my stuff into the backyard.
This is my ugly old floor - yuck!
This is it when it was almost done. We managed to get it done in 4 hours - not bad. Now we have to run to town tomorrow to get the molding and I can start putting everything back together. Except I'm going to stain my work-bench, I have been planning on doing it and I might as well as long as everything is all torn apart.

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Priscilla Giammalva said...

Wow, what a difference, Viv! Lookin' good. You are quite the slave driver, I see. He. He.

I love your blog! Mine's so boring. I'm not going to let my husband see those fish pictures. He would be soooo jealous. Yesterday on the Metolius, our son caught 6 fish and Joe caught NONE. He thinks he's losing his touch.