Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year - Lots of Snow!

Well, it is officially 2008. We are bringing in the new year with a major change for our family... Chris is going back to Staples. After leaving Staples, he realized rather quickly that the grass truly was NOT greener on the other side. He will finally have his own store. He will go back to working hours that allow him to actually enjoy his family and be able to live life a little bit. There will be significantly LESS manual labor - his knees and back were really beginning to become an issue for him. And as an added bonus (but wasn't his deciding factor to leave BB&B), more money.

My glass studio will be done by this weekend. Chris will be spraying the texture on the walls tomorrow night and I will be able to paint Thursday and Friday and can start moving in Saturday. Finally! I have been going through major glass withdrawals.

And here is what our weather has been like... This is Chris plowing (or is he playing, hard to tell!) the drive way. We currently have over a foot of snow on the ground.
And this is what happens when the ice melts a little bit... Icicles! How would you like to have this one fall on your head???

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