Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall is coming...

It's getting darker, faster now... I know this because we left last night to take the canoe out at the same time we always do, aroung 7:00pm and it was getting dark 1/2 way home and was totally dark by the time we rowed into the boat launch. But wow! I got some really cool pictures. We are going out again tonight, since the moon is nearly full to get some more moon shots.

The mountain is Mt. Bachelor, which is a huge tourist attraction here. In the winter time, the skier/snowboarders come and the rest of the year the biker/hikers come. Sunriver, where we live, is a resort town where the tourists come to stay and play. Great for business - but sucks when you need a quick gallon of milk!

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Renita said...

ahhhh.. I wanna come with you and take pictures of the moon. :P
Have a grand time.. it's so beautiful!